Professional Ghost Mannequin Tutorial- How to do Neck Join in Photoshop?

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Professional Ghost Mannequin Tutorial- How to do Neck Join in Photoshop?

Do you wish to learn how to perform a Neck joint using Photoshop? We are here to guide you on how to do it like a professional!

In this tutorial, we will teach you an Ghost Mannequin method using Photoshop. Today, we will attach a jacket to the neck of a mannequin, as lesson one. The importance of this image treatment is that, it allows you to display more of the clothing product in the image and less of the actual mannequin. For the first step, you will need to put up an image of the jacket (front side). This image would look better, if you dress the jacket on a mannequin, to get the body angles and shape. You should have the collar, of the jacket, upright in the image.

For the first step, crop the image in order to remove the background. For this, check the left side on your screen where you can find the cropping tool from the tool bar.

Ghost Mannequin

  1. Once you have cropped the image, it will not show the front of the jacket. Using CTRL+J, make a duplicate layer of the image.


  1. Select the Photoshop Pen Tool, from the tool bar, to crop the background and the mannequin from the image.
  1. The mannequin’s neck will be your starting point, and work your way around the neck of the mannequin. Do it in small steps, no need to hunt for perfection.
  1. You will need to spread the path leading to the corner of the page, as you reach the top of the jacket’s collar, and move your way toward the upper side of the page. From there, work your way towards the other corner and then to the lower corner of the page.
  1. Follow the same routine with the mannequin’s legs to remove them by joining your cropping lines at the point of symbol
  1. Holding the command/control, select paths by clicking on the path palate. After this, delete after inversing your selected path.
  1. Remember the label area of the collar? We will crop it out of the image.
  1. Use the CTRL+A command to select all, CTRL+C command to copy and then the CTRL+V command to paste the inside cropped image you made on to the main jacket image.
  1. Move the pasted image beneath the first layer of the image that you made earlier. It should now show through the jacket at the collar area.
  1. You will now need to think of the portion of the jacket that you would like to keep. If you are satisfied with how the inside of the jacket is placed, you can move forward. You will need the pen tool from the tool box for the next step.
  1. Beginning from the upper side of the collar, crop through the area that was pasted in the previous step. This will remove the unrequired part of the image.
  1. Level out the rough edges by selecting the Eraser tool to smoothen the collar. Now remove the seam from between the inserted image and the collar by blending those areas. To give it a natural look, we would recommend leaving a bit of a shadow. If you feel that any other area is looking a bit rough, you can touch up on it for an elegant finish.
  1. Use a 25 size brush for shadowing to give the image a natural look. You have successfully performed a neck joint! Your own professional ghost mannequin image, is ready to post. Do let us know, if you have any questions about the steps or the image manipulation.
Ashraful Alam
Ashraful Alam
Md. Ashraful Alam is a creative graphic designer with more than 15 years Experience. He joined the team of Clippingpath Work House is a brand of Creative Design House BD on 2012 as a head of marketing department & Chief Designer, After that He started for his own business the A.R clipping Specialist since 2015.


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