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Photoshop is the most renowned photo editing software out there. Photographers, designers and many freelancers believe that Photoshop is preferably the best there is. There are no competitors in the editing world that can compare to the features Photoshop provides you with that’s because the features Photoshop provides it’s made by the thought “Anything will be possible” and yes while editing there’s nothing Photoshop can’t do and Converting a path into a selection in Photoshop is very simple.

We here are going to guide you on how to convert a path into a selection tool In Adobe Photoshop.

Editor, as you know that the paths used In Photoshop provide you with a smooth outline and they then can be converted into your own custom precise selection borders. The selection borders can also be converted back into Paths. That is done by using the Direct Selection tool which is used to fine tuning.

Any of your closed paths can be defined by a selection board. Your custom closed path can be added to plus it can be subtracted from or can be combined / Merged with the current selection as well.

A path can be converted into a Selection Border using the current settings you have. Note this works for all version of Adobe Photoshop.

Using Current Settings

  • Open Adobe Photoshop and select your work template (The picture you’re working on).
  • Select the path you want in the “Pen tool” located on your main toolbox.
  • Click the “Load Path” as a selection button which is located at the bottom of the Paths Panel.
  • Ctrl+Click for Windows or Command-Click for Mac OS users are the shortcuts to the thumbnail in the paths panel.

Converting a Path into a selection

Specifying Settings

  • Select the path you want in the paths panel.
  • You can do one of the following:
  1. Alt+Click for Windows or use Option+Click for Mac OS which is a shortcut for Load Path as a selection button. Located at the bottom of the Pen Tool.
  2. Alt+Drag for windows or use Options+Drag for Mac OS the path to the Load Path as a Selection button.
  3. Choose “Make Selection” from the Paths panel menu.


  • When you are in the “Make Selection” dialog box you may select a Rendering Option.
  1. The Feather Radius defines how far inside and the outside the selection border the feather edge will extend to. You can now enter a value in pixels.
  2. Anti-Aliased The selection tool will create a finer transition between the pixels in the selection and the surrounding pixels but you have been sure that the default Feather Radius is set to ‘0’. You can look more on Soften the Edges of Selection.


  • Select An Operation Option:
  1. New Selection will select the area which is only defined by the path.
  2. Add to Selection adds the area defined by the path to your original selection.
  3. Subtract from Selection this tool will remove the area defined by the path from the current selection.
  4. Insert with Selection this tool selects the area common to both the path and the original selection. If the path and the selection will not overlap hence anything is selected.


  • Click
Ashraful Alam
Ashraful Alam
Md. Ashraful Alam is a creative graphic designer with more than 15 years Experience. He joined the team of Clippingpath Work House is a brand of Creative Design House BD on 2012 as a head of marketing department & Chief Designer, After that He started for his own business the A.R clipping Specialist since 2015.


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